Humans of New Brunswick: Haarris Haque

By: Sarah Essa
“Doing ELETE Apparel is pretty cool, but it has stressful moments: you’re constantly wondering if whether or not it’ll be successful. There is a process to it: finding models, finding sponsors, and finding influencers – people who will influence others to sell your product. But you’re always competing against the market. You will have competitors trying to push similar products to you, but you have to have trust in your decision making, your plan, and ultimately, your product. When we started this off, it took us legitimately a full year to find what we thought would be the perfect product. Finding manufacturers that create the right blend of fabric, create the right sizing, can create a quality product. There was a lot of back and forth between us and a few manufacturers but we finally found the one that fit everything we were looking for.
When we created this, our vision was to build a brand that encouraged everyone to become a better version of themselves: to keep growing, evolving, improving. That’s why we’re working as hard as we are, and that’s the kind of message we want to promote. Before ELETE was a thing, I was a little bit of a slacker. I mean I still did well statistically in undergrad, but I did the bare minimum to get good grades. This company has kept me on my toes, has taught me the meaning of hard work and how much actually goes into the classic metaphor of ‘following your dreams.’” – Haarris Haque (New Brunswick, NJ)