Rutgers Sorority Recruitment Breaks Registration Record

By: Carina Petrillo | February 15, 2017

New Brunswick, NJ– The Greek community at Rutgers University grew to a record-breaking number last weekend as over 500 women participated in Spring 2017 Formal Recruitment. With ten participating sororities on campus, each organization received a new member class of roughly 50 women, making this recruitment the largest the University has seen to date.

Greek life at Rutgers University has witnessed a recent increase in new member registration despite the issues the community has faced with the media in the past. Victoria Sidorakis, the Panhellenic Vice President of Recruitment, was thrilled with the outcome of this year’s recruitment.

“Each year the number tends to steadily increase, especially as our community grows,” Sidorakis said. “I think every year we get better from a PR perspective and making our presence known on campus, so we attract more women each year.”

Formal Recruitment takes place over the course of two weekends at the beginning of the spring academic semester. Potential new members spend this time touring each sorority and narrowing down their choices throughout the three rounds of selection.

At the end of the first round of house tours, potential new members are tasked with ranking their top five sororities out of ten. The next day, women eagerly wait for the second round house tour schedule in the hopes that they were invited back to their top five selected houses.

The following weekend, potential new members attend the third round of open house parties and rank their top three sororities following the tours. The next day, if women are invited back, sororities hold Preference Round. This is the last round of selection before sororities extend membership bids to potential new members.

Alissa Godwin, the membership recruitment chair of the sorority, Phi Sigma Sigma, was excited to welcome 49 new members into her organization. “My favorite part of recruitment was having the opportunity to help young women, much like myself when I was their age, find and commit to an organization that will truly change their lives,” she said.

The recruitment process is exciting for women on both sides of the experience. Kelsey Scanlon, a member of the Rutgers Panhellenic community, served as a Pi Chi for this year’s Formal Recruitment. In this role, Scanlon was asked to temporarily dissociate from her sorority to become an anonymous, unbiased guide for potential new members undergoing the recruitment process.

“I loved helping each woman find their home! Regardless of my own chapter affiliation, it made me so happy to see each one of my potential new members get so excited when they finally opened their bid cards!” Scanlon said. “It was such a rewarding and humbling process. It was unlike any other experience I’ve ever had.”

The Greek community at Rutgers continues to grow, as members of sororities across campus are looking forward to yet another record-breaking recruitment season in 2018.