Fire in Linden Causing Major Train Delays on Northeast Corridor Line By Jenna Mastronardi

February 16, 2017

New Brunswick, NJCommuters to the city can expect delays of up to an hour on their way to work this morning due to a fire in Linden on Wednesday night. The NJ Transit site warns commuters to expect anywhere from a half hour to an hour of delays Thursday morning however, John Blackwell, a conductor on the NJ Transit Northeast Corridor Line said early Thursday, Commuters should expect 15-20 minute delays on their Thursday morning commute.

The fire broke out at approximately 10 PM on West Elizabeth Avenue.

The fire was said to have started in a vacant warehouse. The warehouse fell on a district located right beside train tracks covering the Northeast Corridor route.

Riders were irritated by these unexpected heavy delays on their train ride home Wednesday night. Passengers on the train at the time of the fire described the delay as lasting for three hours. Northeast Corridor rider Krysta Voreas of New Brunswick said, Our train was scheduled to come in at 12:15 AM, but arrived early at 12:05 AM. Once our train hit Newark Penn Station we sat there for an hour and a half. It was awful.

Because the fire being claimed as chemical based,NJ Transit cut the power to the train for safety precautions. Trains arriving at destinations like New Brunswick, Metropark, Edison and more had to detour to get to their respective locations by early Thursday morning as reported that service returned to normal just after 4 AM.  

After the hour and a half delay, trains resumed running. Voreas explained, once we did move, we moved slowly and I didnt get to the New Brunswick train station until 3:30 AM.

The conditions at the scene of the fire were deemed very dangerous. The fire was said to have been as powerful as to raise three alarms within an hour and a half of its start. reported that hazardous materialscaught fire however the cause is still unclear.

Luckily, no civilians were harmed as no injuries were reported. Linden police did report that one Clark firefighter was being treated for a minor injury.

For those who wanted to avoid the train entirely, the New Jersey transit buses cross honored rail tickets and passes until 4 AM Thursday. Trains should resume on a normal schedule by the end of the workday today.