Rutgers Yard Offers New Dining Option


Courtesy of The Yard at College Ave Facebook page

By Julia Motis and Tejal Sarbaugh

New Brunswick – The Rutgers Yard, a new dorm and retail space located on the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street, opened this Fall to the public. It was built as part of a campus enhancement plan envisioned by the president emeritus of the university Richard L. McCormick in 2012. It offers a variety of restaurants with indoor and outdoor seating, and all of it is on the ground level of the brand new luxury on-campus apartments. It has already become a popular location for students to eat, mingle and study. While there are still a few more stores expected to open, including a new Starbucks and a cupcake shop, here are the restaurants that are open so far.

#yardyums (1/5): Honeygrow, originally established in Philadelphia, Penn, opened this semester in the Rutgers Yard, the new dorm building and retail space located at 40 College Avenue. It gives students a fresh, healthy meal option right where they live. They offer customizable stir fry, salad, and yogurt parfaits with ingredients from local farms. According to their website, Honeygrow opts to prepare fresh supplies daily instead of storing them in freezers. The price varies depending on the number of chosen toppings. Students can visit Honeygrow between 11 a.m. and 10 p.m. any day of the week. Allison McCarthy, a Rutgers student, said, "I like that it's healthy, so you don't feel bad about eating it." She also said that the atmosphere is generally a quiet one where students can study while they eat.

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#yardyums (3/5) Bella’s Burger Shack, originally only accessible in Basking Ridge, NJ, has now opened in Rutgers Yard on 48 College Ave., New Brunswick. The shack offers more than just classic burgers and milkshakes, giving customers various options for sandwiches, chicken wings, hot dogs and customizable sliders. Their prices range from $5-$8 per meal. The manager Caitlin Cleary said that their food is made quickly, usually in about 10 minutes, but all their ingredients are prepared in-house. She thinks students will like the convenience, but also appreciate the freshness of the food. She said, “The food is really good. We have a laid-back atmosphere–good for studying.” Students can find more information by checking out the restaurant’s Facebook page here:

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#yardyums (4/5) Jersey Mike’s Subs has opened over 1,000 locations across the nation, and now it made its way to Rutgers Yard. The sub shop, located on 44 College Ave., New Brunswick, is now offering students a variety of cold and hot subs, cheesesteaks, wraps and salads ranging from $5-$13 depending on the size. Rutgers students will be able to pay with their RU Express card soon. Besides their laid back atmosphere and friendly staff, Elijah Reiss, student at Rutgers, said he especially appreciates the quality of the food. He said, “The sandwiches are good. They’re fresh. And, they cut the meat right in front of you.” You can order online at or through the shop’s app, available in the Apple App Store and Google Play store. Jersey Mike’s Subs also offers catering options for large parties.

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