RU Hungry Finds a Permanent Home

By Julia Motis and Tejal Sarbaugh

img_6027New Brunswick — The RU Hungry truck is setting up shop in the new Rutgers Yard located at the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street, and students are excited about the permanent location for the Rutgers classic food stand. The store is now officially open.

Ayman Elnaggar, the owner of the original RU Hungry truck has been struggling with zoning laws and location issues with his truck ever since the original location was sectioned off for construction of The Yard, a new dorm building and retail space on College Avenue. However, he did not want to stop the truck service because it was still getting a lot of business, so he kept it up as best he could. Now, he does not have to worry about any of these issues because his business has returned to the same spot in new form.

img_6024“I think I have a legacy, and sadly I’m the only truck left from eight trucks,” Elnaggar said. “Everyone else couldn’t take the challenge that Rutgers gave them, but guess what? Rutgers didn’t know what to do with me.”

Despite his constant location change, he said that he still has lines down the street all day from 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. He does not think this will change with the store’s opening. He said that he does not have to pay any money for marketing because his food gets people’s attention. This includes sports arenas and business owners throughout New Jersey. He even catered for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Elnaggar attributes his success to the fact that he strives for the best quality food and a well-trained staff.

“The whole philosophy of RU Hungry is to pay very extreme attention to quality and freshness,” he said. “It’s made with love.”

He plans to keep up this quality, since he now has a new kitchen to work with.

“Now we’re mixing the trailer with the high-end restaurant concept where these people have cooks, chefs, and recipes, and they do things from scratch,” Elnaggar said. “That’s what we’ve hired, that’s what we’ll do.”

Besides the classic fat sandwich and Middle Eastern delicacies he has always offered, students can expect new features, such as breakfast items, including a breakfast Fat Sandwich.

“We’re bringing new stuff that goes really well with our food, but it all shares one common thing: Delicious,” he said. “A great meal at a great value. This is why we’re famous.”

“I like the uniqueness and variety of fat sandwiches,” said Sophomore Liz Rosen. “There is just so much in them and so many combinations.”

He says that students like not only the food, but also the atmosphere, traditionimg_6026, and history of RU Hungry. He even saved the original tables from his parking lot location, and they are now set up in the store ready for everyone to sit at once again. However, students can still get their food on-the-go at the mobile truck, which will remain on Senior Street near Alexander Library.

“I’m looking forward to the new store opening so that I can sit down with my friends and enjoy a sandwich right there,” said Rosen.

For Elnaggar, this is store is the “anchor,” and he hopes to start up new store locations in the near future.