It Ain’t Over For Wings Over

Monica Sainz

Wings Over Rutgers is back in business after nearly eight months out of commission. A kitchen fire in December left the Easton Avenue wing shop nearly destroyed, calling for repairs that took until the end of the summer.

The grand reopening on August 5 prepared the takeout restaurant for the beginning of a busy fall semester. Since reopening, Rutgers students and New Brunswick residents alike have been hungry for the handmade wings, which are carefully tossed in more than two-dozen sauces and dry rubs.

Wings Over lovers were shocked and confused once news spread about the closing of the renowned restaurant for the spring 2016 semester. Easton Avenue resident Gabrielle DaRonco was dumbfounded when she passed by the restaurant’s closed doors. “When I found out Wings Over was closed for the spring, my roommate and I were devastated.” she said. “We had no where to go to get munchies. Pizza doesn’t quite compare to wings. There is no where else that makes wings like wings over, either.”

The Wings Over Rutgers team is working to bring regulars back and to get new customers in the door again in addition to more staff. Manager Jay Gadam expects to run wing promotions that the budget allocates, such as the fry promotion in early September, which provided customers with a free order of fries with their wings by simply “liking” their Facebook page. Gadam is expecting big things for Super Bowl LI, and recommends anyone in need of game day wings order a week or two in advance.

Despite the tragedy of the fire, Wings Over Rutgers pushed through the flames and is coming back stronger than ever. Gadam is remaining confident in his restaurant and his staff.“There is no place on Easton Avenue with fresh wings like us. We care about quality and take care of our customers,” Gadam said.

Wings Over Rutgers is open seven days a week until the early morning for students and New Brunswick residents alike.