Raritan Review Service Spotlight

By Chioma Onwumelu

Rutgers University Organizations are no strangers to the theme of community service and with their actions they put Rutgers as an institution in the forefront of service. Raritan River Review has dedicated this service spotlight to two organizations that have helped the community in one-way or the other

The first service spotlight organization will be RU –Wanawake, a cultural and community service organization that was founded in this noisy town on the banks of the old Raritan in 2008. RU- Wanawake is an organization that focuses on spreading awareness of the improvements of the social and economic conditions in Africa and within the diaspora, as well as Rutgers and the nearby communities. RU-Wanawake, as an organization takes a lot of pride in its ability to work together and help out every semester. The outgoing president Ndeye Gueye believes that encouraging adults and children through community service is a great way to let people know that they have a reason to celebrate themselves.

“We aim to develop initiatives that assist women and men of all races. We also aim at giving children the resources for excellent achievement and the tools to dream far beyond any limitation, especially African children and other Minorities,” Gueye stated.

Gueye also added that she believes that RU-Wanwake’s dedication to service is lifelong program and will continue for years to come. RU-Wanawake currently participates in an after school program at Parsons elementary school in North Brunswick where they provide a group of children with after school exercises and activities that help build both character and team work.

The second spotlight organization is the Alpha Theta chapter of Phi Sigma Pi National Gender-inclusive Honor Fraternity at Rutgers University. Phi sigma Pi is a fraternity that is based on the tripod of scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. It is an organization that is deeply instituted in the idea of service and go above and beyond to help out the community. Phi Sigma Pi was established in 1916 on February 14th and has grown tremendously ever since.

The Outgoing service chair of the Rutgers Chapter, Jessie Kraus-Levy believes that service should be an important part of anything you do as a person. “From my work with Rutgers alternative breaks I learned that when engaged in community service it’s really important to differentiate helping versus serving. While helping comes from a view point of seeing someone as less than or weaker than you are, serving comes from a place where you view yourself as equal to those you are working with.”

Kraus-levy also added that the fraternity doesn’t just do the typical soup kitchen programs, they also work with animals, fix bikes, cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald house and help manage social media for a non-profit. “The opportunities are endless for anybody who is willing to help” Kraus-levy added.

Raritan River Review recognizes RU-Wanwake and the Alpha Theta Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi in their selfless service to the community.

Check back next time for two new student organizations on the Raritan service spotlight.