Local Democrat Supporters Divided Between Clinton, Sanders

By Nick Kosko

With the 2016 presidential election fast approaching, the Republican and Democratic parties are narrowing down their choices for their nominees.

The Democrats have narrowed their choice down to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and New Brunswick resident Democrats appear split on who they will choose for the nomination.

Jordan Rodgers, a New Brunswick native and recent Rutgers graduate, is a firm supporter of Bernie Sanders and has been trying to spread the word of Sanders to gain more supporters.

“I love Bernie and I’ve noticed a lot of younger people, around college age like him as well and support him,” Rodgers said. “I’m looking to get his ideals spread to people around the city who don’t have an opinion yet or even trying to get Clinton supporters to flip.”

Trying to gain more supporters has been rewarding for Rodgers, but also a bit of a challenge. He has gone to many of his friends and colleagues that support Clinton and has tried to change their minds.

“The biggest challenge is obviously trying to flip Clinton supporters because some of them are so locked into voting for her and making sure she gets the nomination,” Rodgers said. “But, you can never give up trying to get more voters.”

On the other side, there are other New Brunswick residents that are big supporters of Hillary Clinton.

The former first lady is attempting to win the Democratic nomination for the second time after getting beaten by Barack Obama in 2008.

Sarah Johnson, an eighteen year New Brunswick native, has stood behind Clinton since her initial attempt in 2008.

“I’ve always been a democrat but I really agree with all of Hillary’s policies and I love how she presents herself,” Johnson said.

When asked if she would vote for Sanders if Clinton were not running for office, Johnson was a little hesitant.

“I usually side with the Democratic party so there could be a chance I would vote for him, but I don’t like to think about the hypotheticals. I’d rather more people start supporting Hillary,” Johnson said.

Neither resident seemed to be willing to switch to their allegiance to the other candidate but both agreed diversity would be good for the oval office. Every president in United States history, aside from Obama, has been a white male. Almost all of them were Christians as well.

Sanders would be the first Jewish president, while Clinton would be the first female president, including being the first to ever be on the ballot.

“I think it could be time to have a woman president in office,” Rodgers said. “I just feel Bernie is the better option at this particular moment for our country.”

“I thought Hilary would’ve won back in 2008, but that’s just one person’s opinion. Obviously it would be a huge moment in history if the U.S elects it’s first female at the highest position,” Johnson said. “Is it time for more than just white men in the office? Yes it is and I feel it is Hilary’s time to lead.”