Motion to Pass Alcohol Sales in Rutgers Stadiums

By: Jaclyn Louie

For ages, there’s been a seamless marriage between alcohol and sporting events. But the only place students and fans could find beer before a game at Rutgers is a parking lot. If Rutgers University Student Assembly has its way, legal aged fans will soon find it inside the Rutgers Athletic Center and, at High Point Solutions Stadium.

RUSA (Rutgers University Student Assembly) has recently passed a motion to begin allow the selling of alcohol during basketball games and football games in the fall of 2016. RUSA Athletics Affair Chair, Brain Nealon, said that the petition went into effect September of 2015. In RUSA’s petition, they arranged for the proceeds to fund the mental health and alcohol support services on campus.

“Serving alcohol in these facilities provides Rutgers with an opportunity to bring in revenue based off of an increase of attendance. Now the hardcore fans who attend every home game, the students with a track record for only attending black out games and the non-attenders can show more school pride and support a meaningful cause,” said junior Rutgers student, Jorge Ornendez.

RUSA’s efforts developed from seeing an opportunity where other schools implemented the proposal. This past football season, Maryland ran a trial of selling alcohol at their football games and made just under half a million dollars in alcohol sales and increased their attendance by 14 percent. RUSA believes that if the proposal plan is followed through at Rutgers, the university may have similar results.

Opposing students and faculty members of RUSA’s proposal feel that alcohol sales in the stadium and the Rutgers Athletic Center will increase alcoholism, rowdiness, and potentially cause more accidents and/or lawsuits.


The ref of this game, however, is President Robert Barchi. The proposal plan is still being discussed and revised. If the efforts of Rutgers Student Assembly succeed, the final call will be in favor of alcohol sales at sporting events, starting with a test trial period during the 2016-2017-basketball season.