New Brunswick Sees Additions of Fresh, Affordable Food Options

By Julie Tsirkin

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ- A once stagnant area when it came to restaurants and quick food spots, New Brunswick has elevated its food standard to bring better options to its inhabitants and visitors. Over the past year, New Brunswick – particularly the Easton Avenue area – has become packed with new flavors and healthier choices at an affordable cost.

New restaurants such as Fritz’s, Criminals & Tacos, and Tacoria have brought fresh menu items to the city that have never been seen before. Unlike the restaurants lining George Street, these new food joints are quick and fairly-priced. Furthermore, it allows residents and employees in the surrounding area to have choices beyond pizza and fried foods.

Gavi Reichman, a Rutgers University senior and resident of Easton Avenue, has struggled with finding healthy, affordable food options at walking distance over the last four years. “When it came to finding quick, cheap food really the only option was getting a few slices of pizza or a greasy burger around the corner.”

Also set to open in Fall 2016, The Yard, located on the corner of College Avenue and Hamilton Street, will provide those nearby with even more quick and affordable food options. Restaurants such as Surf Taco and Honeygrow will supply those tired of greasy pizza and fries with fresh food at approximately the same cost.

According to Reichman, “More variety is always good. As someone who tries to be healthy but doesn’t have a car or a fat wallet, I’m excited about all the new places opening up. We need healthier, affordable food options – especially in such a populated area.”

Brett Knolbach, manager of Criminals and Tacos and Rutgers University senior, is excited to work for a restaurant serving the freshest ingredients in the area. “The owner Andrew is a chef from California, and he pays such close attention to every ingredient he puts in his food. Every- thing is about fresh, unique, and healthy ingredients at an affordable cost.”

Reactions have been positive throughout the New Brunswick community about the new food additions to the area.