Rutgers Sorority Formal Recruitment Takes Over College Avenue

By: Mackenzie Deerin

Beginning Jan. 29, the Rutgers College Avenue Campus will have hundreds of female students participating in Panhellenic formal recruitment, and both the potential new members and sorority sisters are filled with excitement and fear.

Formal recruitment is a two weekend long event that allows interested Rutgers students to visit the eight Panhellenic sororities on campus and potentially become a new member of an organization. Formal recruitment goes from the evening of Jan. 29, to the evening of Feb. 7.

The members of the eight Panhellenic organizations prepare year round for formal recruitment because through recruitment, sororities are able to obtain a new member class, which allows for the organization to grow. There are three rounds of formal recruitment and throughout these rounds the potential new members and the organizations participate in mutual ranking process that allows the girls going through recruitment to match with the organization best for them.

During the first round of recruitment, every registered student has to go to all eight sorority houses and meet with sisters of that organization. Round one is considered the most casual round and involves the potential new members and sisters to get to know each other on a surface level. Round two is considered the ‘business casual’ round, where the sisters give house tours and begin to connect with potential new members past a surface level. Round three of recruitment is called preference round and it is the most intimate. Preference round is when the potential new members have picked the top two sororities that interest them and attend rounds at only those two houses. After this round, the potential new member is able to pick the house they feel they are supposed to be at.

When freshman Caitlyn Mailley was asked about her feelings going into recruitment she stated, “I’m extremely excited about going into formal recruitment because I can’t wait to experience finding people who I’ll become sisters with and a place that I can call home away from home! After seeing how older girls have found their best friends through Greek life and love the experience I can’t wait to start. I’m a little fearful that the process is a bit intimidating and intense because there’s a lot riding on it and I want to make a good impression, but I’m definitely excited and sure it’ll work out in the end! I can’t wait.”

The sisters going through formal recruitment have a different outlook on the process. Senior sister of Phi Sigma Sigma and assistant recruitment chairmen Kathreen Capiral said, “The getting ready process is very elaborate since a lot of thought, time, and effort goes into planning every detail of formal recruitment It’s important to the chapter because when the day finally comes, we want our sisters to feel good about the outcome and have our energy radiate off to all the girl’s walking through our door!”