New Brunswick Urban Clean-Up Week

By Jaccyln Liccone

NEW BRUNSWICK, March 28 – Street clean-ups will
be held in New Brunswick to push the city to keep its
streets clean and go green. In honor of Earth Day on
April 22, the clean-ups will begin Saturday, April 16
through Sunday, April 24.
The Clean City Block Captains, who are responsible for
conducting mini clean-ups on their block throughout
the year and educating their neighbors about the
importance of keeping the area clean, have
coordinated clean-ups in their own neighborhoods on
an ongoing basis.
The city provides the captains with all necessary
supplies such as bags, gloves and educational materials
in English and Spanish, along with any needed
technical support to help in the process.
According to Jennifer Bradshaw, a public information
officer in the city of New Brunswick, “The Urban
Clean-up Week program in April entails organized
clean-ups and includes School Kids Sweep-Up Day
which is one of the city’s biggest clean-ups facilitated by elementary school students.”
The clean-up events start off with Large Volunteer Clean-Up Day on the 16th, which is
the Uptown Clean-Up Crew kicking off the week removing litter in their neighborhood,
and ends with Sweep-Up Sunday on the 24th which is when residents’ clean up litter on
their own front lawns, sidewalks, curbs and 24 inches into the street.
“Being a resident of New Brunswick, everyday I notice the garbage on and around the
streets I walk on,” said Edison Campoverde, 20. “What better way to clean up a city and
support Earth Day than getting the city involved with clean-up events. I think it’s a great
cause and I might even volunteer.”
All are encouraged to celebrate Earth Day every day by taking steps to keep New
Brunswick clean, save natural resources, and to protect our earth.
Call 732-745-5245 or go to for more information on the
clean-ups or how to get involved.