New Brunswick Residents Amazed After Artie Lange Super Bowl Party

By Nick Kosko PIC NICK

Comedy star, Artie Lange, made his return to his home state of New Jersey on February 5th and 6th at the Stress Factory Comedy Club.

The former Howard Stern Show co-host, hosted a Super Bowl weekend event that left New Brunswick residents laughing out of their seats. This was Lange’s first big event of 2016 and he did not seem to lose a step.

John Reynolds, a regular attendee of the Stress Factory, said he was excited even before he stepped into the comedy club as he purchased tickets weeks before the show.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Artie Lange, ever since his Howard Stern days. I like a good amount of his movies too but getting to see him perform stand up for the first time in my life, man that was a thrill,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds, a New Brunswick native thought Lange did a great thing hosting a Super Bowl event in his home state.

“It’s the Super Bowl so any event associated with it is going to be huge,” Reynolds said. “He’s a pretty big name in the comedy realm, so it attracted a lot of attention to New Brunswick for a fun event.”

Jared Connors was born and raised in New Brunswick and grew up a big fan of stand up comedy.

Watching George Carlin and Richard Pryor as a kid, Connors grew up watching legends but never got to see them in person.

While Artie Lange is not quite in the same league as those two legends, Connors had heard of him before and knew Lange was know for putting on good shows.

He said when he read the listings for upcoming events, he noticed Lange’s name and decided to purchase tickets for him and his wife to see what the hype is all about.

Only a few hours after the show, did Connors realize he could not have had more fun before the Super Bowl.

“I’ve never seen any of his shows before but a few friends have talked about him to me at work but I never really got around to checking out his stuff. I figured there was no better time then before the big game,” Connors said.

Connors added that he is now a supporter Artie Lange and recommends seeing Lange’s shows to all of his coworkers.

“After the weekend, I went back into work and started telling my coworkers they need to check him out,” Connors said. “I think he did a great thing for the comedy club by mixing comedy and socializing for the whole weekend. Let’s hope he comes back.”