Drivers of New Brunswick 1/5


The taxi drivers in New Brunswick contribute so much more than just the occasional rides to and fro. They are an important contributing factor to the well being of the New Brunswick community. These taxi drivers belong to companies that have existed in New Brunswick for over 35 years and have succeeded in making a livelihood for themselves. People can forget that these taxi drivers are also people with families, feelings and, most importantly struggles. Recently, one major problem faced by the taxi drivers in New Brunswick is the influx of Uber Drivers into the city. Services like Uber and Lyft offer personalized rides to customers at a cheaper rate. This influx has caused these local taxi drivers to lose business and be fearful of losing their jobs to the lower cost that Uber drivers offer. Raritan River Review decided to talk to the taxi drivers from All Brunswick Taxi Company and Victory Cab company to listen to their different stories and challenges surrounding the New Brunswick taxi business.base story