Drivers of New Brunswick 2/5

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Shaya Mourod, a taxi driver with the All Brunswick Taxi Company, has been working in New Brunswick for 17 years since coming to the United States from Lebanon. Throughout his time driving a taxi, he has had many memorable moments, but some stand out more than others. “One thing I love most about driving a taxi is that I get to meet Rutgers students when I drop them off at their destination, I love to talk to them,” Mourod said. He has only ever been a taxi driver and it remains his lone way of earning money. He has only ever worked in the taxi business, so this is his sole form of livelihood. One of his biggest fears is the Uber driver company that is coming into New Brunswick and taking business away. He said, “They (Uber) are killing us. They have cheaper prices and no insurance. I pay $7,000 for my cab. I can’t charge a cheaper price, or I won’t survive. I hope someone helps because no one is asking for us.” He fears that if Uber continues to grow, he may have to stop work.