Ode To New Brunswick

By Allison Manolis

Wandering around the streets of New Brunswick for four years trains your eyes and ears to find beauty in unlikely places; The garbage can covered in miscellaneous colors, spray painted by reckless teenagers; The sun shinning through your half cracked window, just enough so the light hits your toes on the torn up carpet, cold from your broken radiator that your landlord refuses to fix; The sound of cars slashing through puddles, moving water around the sidewalks and soaking cartons of cigarettes dropped out of the back pocket of a student on their way to the library;  Sirens roaring through the thin walls of your three family home, disturbing your sleep in the most familiar way.

There is much to be learned from living in a place that gives you every opportunity to see the world the way that it is. Beautiful, yet utterly dysfunctional in the most organized manner. There’s no place like home.

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