RVision Student Union Internship Gives Practical Experience To Students

By Courtney DuPont

RVision is a hands-on student union program that allows Rutgers students majoring in journalism and media studies to work as producers, reporters, and camera workers.

The program is sponsored by the Big Ten Network, or BTN. “My dream is to work on camera,” says student intern and reporter for Rutgers Volleyball Alex Nazzaro.  “I get to do that here. I’m learning how to speak clearly and interact with others while on air.”


It is composed of the Rutgers student union Big Ten workers. The Rutgers Big Ten workers are student interns that are interested in working with sports media and journalism.


BTN has student unions working for them at every Big Ten school, and provides each with the opportunities to succeed.


With the help of BTN equipment, RVision creates various sports broadcasts for BTN’s online site.


Interns use high-definition 3300 Sony cameras to film numerous athletic events like football practices, soccer games or volleyball matches. After shooting the event, students use RVision’s Apple computers and the Adobe Premier Pro editing program to create media packages for BTN.


Interns work together to create packages such as highlight videos, student-athlete feature stories and live broadcasts.  These packages are then posted online to the RVision’s YouTube channel, or broadcasted on the BTN Now channel according to the Program’s director Collin Osborn.


Collin Osborn says his RVision team works very hard at creating pleasing packages for the public to view.

Osborn explains that student-highlight packages feature interns speaking in front of the camera at athletic events as sideline reporters. At these events, interns are responsible for interviewing players and coaches, discussing key plays that occur during games and giving a summary of the event.


Student-athlete feature stories allow interns to practice investigative reporting, creative thinking and interviewing practice. Interns are expected to focus on one specific player during these stories, and highlight the player’s positive contributions to Rutgers Athletics.


These stories are then saved to RVision’s hard drive and made available for anyone who needs footage of a particular athlete.


Live BTN broadcasts provide opportunities for RVision interns to work inside a professional production truck, practice live camera work, develop producing and directing techniques, create graphic designs and edit audio.


Finalized content is then sent live to BTN headquarters in Chicago where production teams view the event and re-air it on BTN Now.


“The live broadcasts are exciting, and provides us with real life experiences that will be useful after college is over,” said Victoria Pojawis, an RVision intern.


BTN also provides opportunities for students to study with the network’s team in Chicago. BTN provides one successful student union worker from each Big Ten school — who must be nominated by their production coordinator — with an opportunity to move to Chicago for three months to study sports media production.


The Rutgers student union team is composed of RVision Director Colin Osborne, Production Coordinator Tim DeMartin, Multimedia Specialists Mark Sell and Cory Ryncarz, and about 30 student interns.


Ryncarz worked for Northwestern University’s student union when he was in college, and was nominated for the Chicago BTN program, he said.


After taking advantage of the opportunity, Ryncarz said the experience was an enjoyable one that taught him a lot. Ryncarz also said the program gave him an advantage over his competitors when applying for his current job with the Rutgers Athletics Communication Team.


“I am chasing my dreams,” says student intern Morgan Sanguendolce, “RVision is giving me a chance to make connections and create a portfolio for future career opportunities.”

Video packages and more importation about the RVision program can be found at the RVision YouTube channel: RVision 1766.