Saturday metered parking is now in effect, according to New Brunswick Parking Authority

by: Krista Bobrowski

The New Brunswick Parking Authority posted signs on the meters at the end of September saying that on-street parking in New Brunswick is no longer free on Saturdays between the hours of 8 am to 8pm.

The original rules for metered parking are 8-hour parking limits and parking rates start at $1.50 per hour for the first one to two hour(s) and then go up $1 each hour parked. These rules now apply to parking in New Brunswick on Saturday. All street and deck parking are subject to this rate structure and longevity in New Brunswick.

People who do not pay the parking meter or put more money in the meter to elongate the time, also known as feeding the meter could be subjected to a $35 fine.

Harry Delgado, Director of operations at NBPA, said the reason for the Saturday parking enforcement, according to the department’s data collection, is for thriving business opportunities for local establishments and “limiting the car driving around looking for parking reduces traffic and accidents.”

Parking used to be free on the weekends in New Brunswick but Delgado said parking is supposed to accessible and affordable, not allowed and abused. This new enforced rule is encouraging customers and visitors to utilize the parking spots and ultimately help the local businesses in New Brunswick bring in customers.

Residents of and visitors to New Brunswick familiar with curb-side park at the meters for hours on end, resulting in less turnover for people wanting to park to utilize the restaurants and shops in New Brunswick.

World of Beer, a tavern on George Street, finds that customers have a hard time looking for parking and therefore, are turned off by coming in.

According to Kacie Hanley, one of World of Beer’s managers, parking is not only a problem for customers but also employees in New Brunswick because spots are not guaranteed.

To serve the people who want to spend more than two hours in New Brunswick, the eight parking decks and five parking lots offer a more cost effective method of parking without having to spend a fortune.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 9.34.35 PM

Above is a list of the eight New Brunswick parking decks and their addresses.

For the decks, 0-1 hour is $3 and it goes up $2 every hour you stayed after. If a person wants to stay there for 24 hours, for example, the cost would be $20.

The lots, except for the Liberty Lot on Liberty Street, have a six-hour limit with a $2 fee per hour. The Liberty Lot has a four-hour limit with the same rate per hour.

Sunday parking is still free all day.

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