Rutgers University adds additional security cameras

NEW BRUNSWICK- Rutgers University has officially begun providing off campus students with security kits, which include window alarms and light timers in light of recent crime alerts.

Current and former Rutgers students have recently sustained charges ranging from aggravated assault to robbery.

Among the students charged are five of Rutgers’ very own football players.

A sexual assault was also reported a week before the beginning of the fall semester in the same neighborhood.

In an attempt to increase the safety of students who reside off campus, the University plans to install additional security cameras.

There are currently 2,700 security cameras that surround the University campus area.

But, apprehension is being shown regarding the costs of these additional installations and who is actually responsible for the safety of residents in New Brunswick.

“If the cameras are being installed on New Brunswick streets because that’s where the most crimes happen, then the city of New Brunswick should be paying for the installation,” student Edwin Perez said.

Students are concerned about the lack of change that these additional cameras will bring to the actual crime situation in New Brunswick.

“The location of the cameras will only deviate the location of the crime, but will it really affect the level of crime activity?” student Xenia Pico asked.

In a private interview with The Daily Targum last November, President Robert L. Barchi claims there is a 30 to 50 percent decline in crime.

Currently, students are await the installation of these cameras and the effect it will continue to have on the crime rate at the University, as well as the surrounding areas.