New Brunswick Pizzerias Needed

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., Sept. 17 – Five young men from Brooklyn, N.Y. have created an app that makes ordering pizza quicker and easier, and are looking for participation from pizzerias in the New Brunswick area.

The app is called Push for Pizza (PFP), and it is as simple as it sounds.

With the push of three buttons on a Smartphone, customers can get a fresh pizza delivered to their location.

TechCrunch authenticates that “Push For Pizza rips out the layers of fat that we assume ‘should’ be there, leaving the bare essentials of what we actually want.”

Will Haack and Demitri Nava from the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity at MIT, and Graham Carling from Brown University worked together to develop and code PFP.

The three undergraduates brought in two 19-year-olds: Maximillan Hellerstien to work sales, and Cyrus Summerlin to work marketing.

The team has turned their focus to Rutgers University – New Brunswick, and are seeking out local pizzerias to partner with.

They visited Rutgers on Sept. 6, and were greatly received by students.

Junior Daniel Kapilovich was able to talk with Hellerstien personally about the app.

“He was very excited about it, which made me more excited,” Kapilovich commented.

“I downloaded it right away. Any pizzeria who doesn’t want to partner with [Push for Pizza] is crazy!”

“We’re looking for local pizzerias,” Hellerstien explained.

“We’re not interested in working with the big guys. We want to keep promoting the mom and pop places.”

Brunswick Pizza & Grill, Loui Pizza City, Santini’s Pizza Palace, and G’s Famous Pizza have already signed on.

These local pizzerias have found Push for Pizza to be a successful partner because of their business model, as explained below.

The app itself was built on top of’s ordering API’s. is a processing system designed to acquire, normalize, and distribute restaurant data via API’s for transactional purposes.

This data acts as an open platform for restaurant ecommerce.

They have been able to sustain a successful business model because the API they used is supported by pizzerias across the country.

The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, BuzzFeed, and more have verified PFP.

Elite Daily said: “It’s safe to say that the future is now present. If this isn’t evidence, I don’t know what is.”

Here is how it works:

Someone orders a pizza through the app.

All of the orders are processed through, and then sent to the pizzeria via fax.

The pizza is delivered to the customer via the pizzerias normal delivery methods.

There is no signup fee, and no monthly cost.

PFP profits by taking a percentage of every order placed through their app.

If no one orders from the app, the pizzeria will not owe the company any money.

If the pizzeria does make sales through PFP, the app directly deposits the earned commission weekly.

For all pizzerias interested in partnering with Push for Pizza, simply go to

Basic contact information will be reviewed within one business day.

Additional instructions for signup will be sent after submission.

For further questions, contact Hellerstein at