Boyd Park Brings in Local Bands for Free Day of Concerts


Don Giovanni Presents...

By Jennie Perullo

On a warm, cloudy Saturday, instruments were being tuned and a stage was being set up, preparing for musicians to play their music for an eager crowd.

Several local bands came out to New Brunswick to perform at Boyd Park on Saturday, Sept. 12  to participate in a free outdoor concert.  The punk rock bands included Delucy, Glazer, Wild Rice, Izzy True, Electric Trip, Downtown Boys and Screaming Females.

The show was put on by the New Brunswick Cultural Center to support local artists.

Don Giovanni Records represents some of the bands, such as Izzy True and Screaming Females.

Screaming Females ended the show, for they were the biggest attraction and proved it by having a much bigger audience for their set.

Brett Davis, a comedian and host of the show, kept the crowd on their feet while embracing heckling from them.

“I want the hecklers; they’ll wake me up and keep me going,” Davis said.  

The concert kicked off at around 12:30 p.m. after Davis introduced Delucy as the first band.  This was Delucy’s first performance as a band since getting together in August.

“When I first started playing guitar I wondered what it would be like to play in front of a lot of people, and today I got to find out,” Larry Lucker, the bass player and youngest member of Delucy, said after his performance.  “Being nervous wasn’t going to help me so I decided to turn it into excitement.”

People of all ages came out to the show, from parents with their small children to teenagers out with their friends.  People set up blankets in the grass, stood around the stage, or sat in the concrete stands.  Even passerbys lingered to listen to some live music, taking a break from their walk around the park to join in with the crowd.

Brenda Martinez, a New Brunswick resident, came to the park to watch her friends perform.  

“This is my first time coming here,” Martinez said.  “I know the band members of Delucy and Electric Trip so I wanted to watch them play.”

The bands were mixed within the crowd, hanging around before and after their sets, listening to the other musicians play and talking with the people around them.  The concert goers enjoyed coffee, Italian ice and hot pretzels, all while guitar riffs and pounding drums pulsated through the park.  After each band’s set, there would be about a 10-minute break while the next band would set up.  Davis used this time to do his set of comedy before introducing the next band.

One of the bands that got their start in New Brunswick, Glazer, has been together for around two years, yet this was their first outside show as they have been skeptical about the sound of their music at an outdoor stage.

“We haven’t had the desire to play an outdoor show because sometimes the sound doesn’t translate as well.”  Josh Stavola, who plays bass for the band, continued, “but the sound guy knew what he was doing so it was a great first experience.”

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