New Jersey’s State Theatre Alive and Well

The award winning State Theatre is kicking off the new season with performers like Bubby Guy, Sarah Evans, and Chris Cornell.
The theatre brings artistic enthusiasm to New Brunswick. Through the State Theater’s performances the people of New Brunswick have the opportunity to witness numerous performing art talents in a family, friendly setting.
New Brunswick local, Christine Oxner, told reporters her family has gone to the theatre multiple times, and truly enjoyed the experience.
The theatre is now a modern day performing arts center. However, the State Theatre has undergone a lot of changes over its many years of being open.
The State Theatre NJ first opened in 1921 as a Silent Movie House/Vaudeville House. In 1988, the silent movie house/Vaudeville house transformed into a nonprofit performing arts center.
The success of the theatre has not gone unnoticed. In 2014, PollStar magazine rated the State Theatre the number one performing arts theatre in New Jersey for the third year in a row. In addition, the theatre was honored with a second award in 2014 as the nineteenth best performing arts center globally.
The theatre’s October performers include different forms of musical entertainment.
Buddy Guy, an American blues guitarist and singer, will be preforming Sept. 30. The performance will be sure to include Guy’s hit song, “Stone Crazy,” which is rated 78th on the Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time.
Evans will be performing on Oct. 2nd, and is expected to attract a young crowd according to theatre employees. Evans is an Academy of Country Music Award winner that will be performing songs like “Born to Fly” and “I could not ask for More.”
Chris Cornell is an American rock singer-songwriter, who was also ranked 4th in the list of Heavy Metal’s All-Time Top 100 Vocalists. Cornell will surely be performing songs from his successful 2007 album, “Carry On.”
The large student population in New Brunswick is encouraged to attend these performances. Lucky for Rutgers students, there is a student discount at the theatre.
The Student discount can be acquired through the promo code: LoveRU. In order to use the code students simply have to call the theatre at: 732-246-7469, or visit the State Theatre website:
Julia Intrabartola, local Rutgers student, told reporters she is looking forward to seeing Evans in October. Intabartola is especially happy she can see Evans perform without breaking her bank account, thanks to the student discount.
Later this season the theatre will be presenting New Brunswick annual events like the showing of “The Nutcracker,” and the president’s day community event, “Family Day at The State Theatre.”
Kelly Blithe, the theatre’s Communication Director, says her favorite part of preforming arts is the fact that they bring people together.
On December 18th – December 20th the theatre will be presenting their show of “The Nut Cracker.” The show features dancers centered out of American Repertory Ballet School, whose program’s roots are actually centered out of the city of New Brunswick, as well as Princeton, New Jersey.
The State Theatre also has an annual President’s Day tradition called “Family Day at the State Theatre.” During this event thousands of people from various parts of the world come to see main stage events, carnival activities and so much more in the heart of New Brunswick.
Blithe said, “The State Theatre has become a jewel of central New Jersey, where people can see a variety of dazzling performances.”