Rutgers plans to bridge the gap between campuses

One of the buildings on College Avenue that the "Physical Master Plan" would tear down.

One of the buildings on College Avenue that the “Physical Master Plan” would tear down.

By: Megan Dougherty

Students at Rutgers University could walk on a boardwalk alongside the Raritan River and avoid the jam- packed LX bus by walking on a footbridge from Livingston Campus to College Avenue. These are just two of the ideas Rutgers University plans to make a reality if its proposed “Physical Master Plan” goes through, according to New Brunswick Today.

The construction plans will not begin anytime soon, but rather span over 15 to 20 years, according to the New Brunswick today article. The bridge plan, which would connect the College Avenue campus with Livingston Campus, would be a 1.5 mile walk.

In early February, CBS Local posted an article that discussed new construction and vision plans for Rutgers. Theplans, which also include a new dining hall and a new student center on College Avenue, were showcased to the Rutgers University Board of Governors.

The proposed boardwalk would run alongside the Raritan River, while the current Rutgers Student Center would be torn down in order to build a brand new one in its place, the article on CBS Local said.

Antonio Calcado, vice president of University Affairs and Capital Planning, said the plan aims to reinvent College Avenue as the “heart of the campus”.

For the construction plan to begin, several locations on College Avenue would have to be demolished, including Brower Commons dining hall, and the Student Activities Center, the New Brunswick Today article said. In addition, Calcado discussed making the Raritan River a central element to the campus, something many schools near a river do.

“We want to make the river part of the fabric of the University, and part of the life of the University,” he said.
The new bus routes would take full advantage of the space in New Brunswick by creating new lanes designated for buses and bikes only, according to a article.

In an article on, Robert Barchi, president of Rutgers University, said the proposal presented at the meeting was “just a little smorgasbord of the plan,” and that more details would be presented at future Rutgers Board of Governors meetings.

Barchi said the proposed plans are all ideas Rutgers should do in order to promote New Brunswick as a more active part of the University.

There have been several meetings, both private and public to the student body, where the ideas for the construction plan were voiced, the article said.

“I think if you can’t generate a plan that is strategic and tactical that can be implemented, you haven’t done anybody a service. It’s one thing to create a vision. I’m all for a vision, but that’s not what this is. This is a plan. It’s something we

intend to accomplish,” Barchi said to