Saint Peter’s Reaches Out To Men

BY: Kyle Booth

st peters

On average, men do not go to the doctor nearly as much as they should.

St. Peter’s University Hospital hosted is trying to change that. The hospital hosted its second ever Free Men’s Health Forum on Feb. 7. The event gave participants readings on their blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass index and cholesterol. The forum also had other information sessions.

“So much of healthcare is targeted towards women and men can tend to be left in the cold, not many events cater to men’s needs,” said Phil Hartman, director of public relations at the hospital.

Hartman explained that all of the procedures administered at the forum are easy to give in a larger public environment, yet they are also very good at evaluating one’s path to health.

A lot of men do not or simply cannot get to the doctor. According to the CDC 27 percent of men did not see a doctor in 2014. Compared to only 14 percent of women that number is relatively high. Hartman said that this event is just like a simple checkup. “It’s like a tune-up for your car,” said Hartman. But this is totally free. All you had to do was register.

“The event is taking place right after the Super Bowl, a time when men can typically sit back and reflect,” Hartman said.

Last year roughly 35 men took part in the forum and it is expected that this years total was somewhere around 50 men.