Friday The 13th Unlucky Special

By: Allison Manolis

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On average there is a Friday the 13th every 212.35 days. Many American tattoo parlors have honored this infamously unlucky holiday by offering their ink-loving customers the opportunity to get tattoos for about 70 percent off their normal everyday rate. Each year the artists at Revolver Tattoo, which is quietly located between popular restaurants and shops on Easton Avenue, design around 75 tattoos between one and two inches and post them on a white board in the parlor on the 13th. Each design, ranging from Elvis’s head to a piece of a soggy pizza, incorporates unlucky thirteen in one way or another. Revolver’s statewide renowned reputation makes their Friday the 13th deal a no brainer for tattoo lovers.

Revolver opens at 1pm every day of the week, so I decided to get there a bit early this year in order to avoid the over six hour wait that my friends and I experienced the last Friday the 13th in June 2014. My friend and I arrived at Revolver about 45 minutes early only to be situated behind 25 even more loyal customers than we. The sub-freezing temperatures didn’t stop any of us from parting with a $13 dollar 5-minute tattoo, a deal that any inked skin might find hard to resist.

After a short foreword by one of the artists about the virtue of patience the doors finally opened and we filed in the long corridor as visions of last year’s atrocity replayed in my head. Surprisingly, luck was on our side this year. The line went smoothly, the room wasn’t sauna-temperature and the artists were all sporting great attitudes despite this day likely being highly frustrating for employees. Within two hours I was in and out, inked with an anatomical heart incorporating a hidden “13” within the arteries of the design under my left arm. The detail, shading and precision proved to be far nicer than what was shown on the design board in the corridor of the parlor. The artist who inked me was pleasant and engaging, making sure that the tattoo came out just the way I wanted it to. Success!

For anyone who is interested in indulging in Revolver’s unlucky special, here are a few tips to insure that have as pleasant of a tattooing experience as I did:

  1. Get there at least a half hour early: No exceptions.
  2. Bring a friend. Need the bathroom? Get a glass of water? Take a peak at the board of designs? Make sure someone is there to hold your place in line.
  3. Have a laissez-faire attitude. If you’re getting a $13.00 tattoo that you choose literally hours before ink time, its important to remember that you’re getting a $13.00 tattoo that you choose literally hours before ink time.
  4. Remember that there is a $7.00 minimum tip, but the artists work for hours on end tattooing the same designs over and over again on cheap college kids. With that in mind, bring a few extra dollars to make their day a little less monotonous.
  5. Mentally prepare yourself! There are three Friday the 13th’s in 2015, the next one arriving in March. Start thinking about where you want your tattoo weeks ahead of time so you’re ready when the day finally arrives.