New Brunswick Children Get a Passport to Art

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By: Tatiana Vickerie

Children, accompanied by adults, flocked to the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University on Nov. 28 for an afternoon full of creativity. Passport to Art, a monthly art program open to children ages 5 through 13, was an interactive workshop led by trained educators and artists.

The program takes place about once a month throughout the academic year. The Color Project, which involved cutouts and construction paper, takes place in the classroom, where children work side by side with their hands-on guardian.

“It’s a great opportunity to work with kids,” Art Instructor Andrew Schwartz said. “I really like what the museum has to offer…I think opportunities for art education are dwindling and this a great way for kids to get exposure to things they wouldn’t normally get in their school programs.”

“It allows [families] to get together and explore current exhibitions that we have on view,” Education Coordinator Claire D’Amato said. “They take ideas and concepts they’ve learned from those exhibitions and bring them into the classroom to make a project that draws inspiration from what they see.”

Passport to Art is just one of the many interactive workshops offered at Zimmerli Art Museum, 71 Hamilton St. From drawing class to summer camp, aspiring artist of any age can join in on a variety of educational programs and events that are offered.

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