Resident Presses Case Against New Brunswick Police

The story has been backdated to reflect when it was written.

By Yang Seob Lim

Everybody has a Goliath in his or her life. For Noble Aaron El Shabazz, a New Brunswick resident, it’s the justice system.

Shabazz says he was allegedly a victim of police misconduct twice. Police, he said, abused and discriminated against him during an arrest. On Nov. 11, Shabazz appeared at a City Council meeting where he raised the issue and said city officials were protecting police officers.

He said Charly Gayden, an assistant city attorney, was using her office to cover up for her “colleagues.”

“Politicians can’t be neutral when they know they have to protect their colleagues,” he said.

Charly Gayden did not respond at the meeting.

City Council President Rebecca Escobar said the city could not respond because of an ongoing lawsuit initiated by Shabazz.

Shabazz, however, remained critical.

“They don’t care about what we say because they only care about themselves,” he said. “I come here every meeting saying the same thing because I want them to know how serious I am and how serious all the victims of police brutality are.”