Rutgers Holds Memorial Service for Student Who Died on Campus

Rain and clouds took over Rutgers campuses on Saturday, Oct. 11, fitting the mood on Busch Campus where the University held a memorial service for Caitlyn Kovacs. Family members and friends made their way into the Busch Campus Center to pay respects and honor the memory of the deceased Rutgers student.

Caitlyn Kovacs, who passed away on Sept. 21, at a Rutgers University fraternity was an Animal Science major and resided on the Cook/Douglass campus. Kovacs had planned to open a pet sitting business upon graduating from Rutgers.  The news of her death sent shock waves all throughout Rutgers.

“It is something to be learned from” said Spencer Phillips a Rutgers student “we are young, we want to have fun, and it is easy to have fun at a college like Rutgers, but you also have to be careful, anything can happen”.

As the guests walked in they were greeted by a board. With pictures of Caitlyn in the shape of a heart, and another inside the room where the ceremony would be held, in the shape of a paw print, a gesture to Caitlyn’s love of animals. There was live music, tears shed, and laughs as all attendants reminisced on the life of Kovacs.

Throughout the Ceremony a projector showed slides of Kovacs as a young, fun loving, teenager. All attendees participated in activities, such as writing down notes on how they remembered Kovacs life, and the memories that she has given them. Donations were given to the Kovacs family by those in attendance.

Jamie Weingarten, Kovacs good friend addressed the crowd at the ceremony and told a story of a dream she had after the death of her friend.

“In the dream you asked me how my day was and we talked for a bit, it ended with you laughing that incredible contagious laugh that we all know and love and you said, ‘I love you Jamie, see you soon.’ And I knew that was you.”

The reason for Kovacs passing is still unknown, the authorities have yet to release additional information on her death; alcohol is believed to have played a role. However, the cause of death cannot be determined until a full autopsy report has been released, which may take up to 8 weeks.