Cycling Through New Brunswick, Ciclovia Opens Streets To All Ages

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Sarah Rodriguez

The city of New Brunswick will be taking part in another seasonal Ciclovia in May. Bike riders will rule New Brunswick’s streets on May 4th, thanks to a cycling event that is becoming a Hug City tradition.

“I feel like the seasonal Ciclovia offers such as positive outlet for promoting the environment and exercise,” says Tiffany Tsang, a New Brunswick resident and active Rutgers student. “In a city setting it’s not always easy promoting out door activities such as cycling.”

According to, Ciclovia allows for bicycle rider of all ages to ride along a special traffic-free route throughout the city. The Ciclovia event originated in Bogota Colombia and has been providing riders with a cycling friendly environment for over 30 years worldwide.

In the past year the New Brunswick Ciclovia has expanded to become one of the largest in the country, growing from a community project to promote active living into a global movement. With the help of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the Ciclovia event in New Brunswick has spread word about the event reaching out to younger generations in the college area.

The New Brunswick Ciclovia includes many other activities other than just riding a bike. Residents and neighboring residents that take part in the event are eligible to cycle, run, walk, skateboard, push strollers, or wheel themselves along the plotted route.   The variety of options offered through the Ciclovia event allows for all residents of any age and size to take part in whatever active activity they prefer.

“I love to cycle, but it’s not always easy in a city,” says Tsang. “Ciclovia allows for carefree cycling and activity.”

“For someone that rides to work each day, I am looking forward to this spring’s Ciclovia,” says Kathleen Kerwin, a New Brunswick resident who rides from downtown New Brunswick to Cook Campus each day. “It’ll be nice to ride and not worry about oncoming traffic.”

The route for May 4th 2014 CIclovia includes a start at Buccleuch Park, a stretch trhough Rutgers University’s Colege Avenue Campus and a final hall through the downtown streets of New Brunswick. The entire route measures 3.4 miles in total creating a stretch in distance across half of the city of New Brunswick.

The Ciclovia event allows for members of the community to both volunteer for the event and to sponsor the riders taking part in the event. By visiting the Ciclovia New Brunswick residents can get involved in their local community by riding in the event, volunteering to work the event or sponsor a neighboring rider.

“A seasonal event such as Ciclovia brings together the community,” says Kerwin. “Ciclovia is a great way for people around the area to ride side by side in something other than their cars.”

The upcoming May 4th, 2014 New Brunswick Ciclovia has attracted the sponsoring of major companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Central Jersey Beach Club, and both major hospitals in the city, Robert Wood Johnson Hospital and St. Peter’s University Hospital. These sponsors have allowed for Ciclovia to be scheduled on a seasonal basis with events coming up in May, July, and October 2014.