Rutgers Transitions to Scarlet Apps


by Elizabeth V Zamora

Rutgers’ e-mails, Eden, Pegasus, and Clam, will be transitioning to ScarletApps, and will be decommissioned by the Rutgers Office of Information Technology on July 1, according to the Office of Information Technology.

Eden accounts used by New Brunswick students, Pegasus used by Newark, and Clam used by Camden are used by students and faculty members for in-school communication. Scarletmail, powered by Google, offers more storage space for e-mails and documents, compared to Eden, Pegasus and Clam. It also gives access to Google drive, which is a cloud storage service where you can store documents, photos, music, and more.

“We were very constrained by space that could be provided by storage as well as level of service,” said Rutgers New Brunswick Computing Services Supervisor, Steve McBurnett.”  “With the GoogleApps service that Rutgers adopted with Scarletmail, Google is substantially more advanced compared to ours.”

It is important for students to understand that they will not be receiving e-mails to those accounts any longer, according to the Office of Information Technology. They will, however, still be able to access other services provided such as shell access, programming compilers, website creation, etc, according to the Information Technology website.

“I think that transitioning to Scarletapps is a great idea, having more than one e-mail is not needed, plus Google has all the things that I need, especially Google drive,” said Rutgers senior Karol Aguilar.

Graduate students will have access to their account(s) for one year after graduation. Old mail from Eden and Pegasus will be completely unavailable after Nov 1 and Clam accounts will not be accessible after July 1.

“It’s more of the fact that Scarletmail provides security, but it also allows several megabytes of storage. With your Eden account you are limited to 500 megabytes of storage,” said McBurnett.” “The transition in general is a better, more advanced, more modern e-mail solution.”

Students or faculty members with any questions/concerns should contact their appropriate campus help desks. You can find information on contacts here: You can also access Scarletapps here: