Snowfall affects New Brunswick public schools’ academic calendar

by Pallavi Jani

Because of numerous snow-related school cancellations, the New Brunswick public schools have decided to amend their academic calendars, says Secretary Sybil Finney, from the Office of the Assistant Superintendent for the New Brunswick Public Schools Curriculum.

The revisions mean that the public schools stayed open on Feb 14 which students originally had off for Presidents’ Weekend, and that they will be in session on Monday, April 14. The latter date was originally supposed to be the first day of students’ week-long Easter/spring break, but was eliminated to make-up snow days. Extra days may be taken from this week if additional snowfall causes school cancellations. Student attendance during make-up days is mandatory and personal days for staff during this time will not be granted.

The New Brunswick school calendar allows for three emergency closing days due to inclement weather, but students had six days off because of snow, which is why the schools revised the academic calendar to ensure that students are in school long enough to learn the necessary material and to abide by the state law requiring class to be in session for 180 days.

For New Brunswick High School students and parents, the change in the academic calendar also affected the sending out of second-marking period report cards. Due to the snowfall, report cards were not mailed prior to parent-teacher conferences, which took place Thursday, Feb. 27 and were instead available for pick up that evening.

The last day of school for students has also been changed from Thursday, June 19, to Tuesday, June 24. The last day for teachers is now Wednesday, June 25.

Any further questions or concerns about the re visions made to the academic calendar or any additional inquiries, can be directed to the New Brunswick Public School District’s main number: (732-) 745-5300.