Rutgers Social Media Week Takes Off on Campus

by Dana Campbell

Rutgers Student Life organization has been making efforts to get Rutgers students ready for life after college by helping them create LinkedIn accounts and teaching them how LinkedIn, and other social media sites, can help land them jobs. The events took place March 4th 2014 until March 6th 2014.

Matt Ferguson, director of Leadership & Training for Rutgers Student Life, ran Social Media Week and encouraged students to use social media as a tool to find jobs. Students could drop by any time between 11 am- 4pm and have a meeting with Rutgers’ Leadership and Training, where they would get help in creating a LinkedIn account and could get profession headshots taken for their account, free of charge.

“People are using it for their life, businesses are using it more and more… [they’re] not teaching it in the classroom”, Ferguson says about social media.

Aside from LinkedIn tips, there were also helpful tips for proper social media etiquette. With businesses checking future employees’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, students should be aware that every tweet and status they make reflects how they are to potential employers. The Leadership and Training’s favorite motto of theirs is “Always tweet others the way you want to be tweeted!”

According to Ferguson Social Media Week was very successful with 100 students interested just in the first day; Ferguson also believed that over the course of the rest of the week they would have even more success.

Due to the great accomplishments of Social Media Week Ferguson is considering having smaller Social Media Days monthly so that students have the opportunity throughout the semester to learn more about using social media as a business tool.

If you have any questions about Social Media Week or the Student Life Leadership and Training department, you can reach the department at or like their Facebook and Twitter page.

By: Dana Campbell