Mine Street’s New Addition Still in Discussion


by Dana Campbell

Mine Street, located right off of Rutgers campus in New Brunswick may be getting a new addition. Contractors at DEVCO hope to build a 4 story apartment building that could house up to 140 people, which would nearly double Mine Street’s population, which currently stands at 200 now. Mine Street is home to Rutgers offices, fraternities, sororities and two-story homes.

According to NJ.com if this apartment complex were to be built, the residential feel of the street would change dramatically. Many residents of Mine Street are starting to worry about parking; there is limited parking on the street and adding 140 more people to the street will cause more traffic and fewer parking spaces on the street.

Jennifer O’Niell, a source from the New Brunswick Today was quoted saying that the street is being invaded by private developers that are only interested in making money.

Neighborhood residents are hopeful that they can be successful in blocking the project by voicing their concerns at the New Brunswick Planning Board meeting that took place on Mar., 11, 2014.

In an updated article from the New Brunswick Today residents packed the meeting and managed to delay the vote for a month.

Residents at the meeting complained about the plan for the underground parking deck will only 43 cars to park, which is less than half than the amount of residents living there. They also mentioned that construction would be a distraction from the beauty of the block.

On Apr. 8, 2014 a meeting will be held at 7:30 pm at City Hall in New Brunswick. It will be a continuation of the hearing that took place on Mar. 11. The meeting will be open to the public; if you have any thoughts you would like to voice before the vote or just want to hear what others have to say, go to the top floor of City Hall in New Brunswick on Apr. 8.

By: Dana Campbell