Lawsuit against Rutgers Chief of Staff Moves Forward

by Ariana Cerminaro

Gregory Jackson, chief of staff for Rutgers University, is being sued by four former employees who say they were discriminated against because of their age, according to a report from New Brunswick Today.

Richard L. White, Dorothy Kerr, her husband Mark Kerr, and Chrystal McArthur, all believe that age was a factor in why they were removed from their posts. All four former employees are in their 50s or 60s.

They told The New York Times that Jackson wanted to replace them with younger staff members and never offered them alternate positions. White, Dorothy Kerr, and McArthur all said they received positive work reviews until Jackson had them removed in November 2012. Jackson took over the academic affairs office in 2011.

Jackson was appointed to the position of chief of staff by Rutgers President Robert S. Barchi. According to the official complaints, Jackson had revised reviews after an external review was performed in April 2012, to show that the employees didn’t meet the standards in any of the categories for their positions.

According to CNN the employees received letters notifying them of their termination in November 2012.

CNN also said that attorneys asked for a judge to dismiss the complaint in June.

Jackson remains employed as Associate Vice President and as an associate professor of English at Rutgers University. He and President Barchi have refused to speak about the lawsuit.