Rutgers Runners to Show Their Colors

by Tia Magenheim

Toni Kutne isn’t the fastest runner, but she can’t wait to hit the road with other runners during the second Color Me RU race on Livingston campus next month.

“I like the concept that it won’t be a competitive atmosphere because I’m not an athlete,” Kutne said.

Rutgers promotes a healthy lifestyle with its second Color Me RU run May 2.

colormeRUThe 2.5-mile run/walk will take place on Livingston campus. Registration for the event begins today (Tuesday, April 1). The event focuses more on having fun rather than being the fastest runner and is meant to be an exciting and colorful experience that encourages students, staff, and others to maintain an active lifestyle.

The Color Me RU event will have zones throughout the course designated to a specific color of colored cornstarch that will be squirted at the runners.

Third-year student Brianna Paparozzi, who is training for a half marathon at Rutgers, is excited for the colorful and fun-filled setting that the event offers.

“The half-marathon will be intense so it will be nice to just run and have a good time with some friends,” she said.

The event costs $20 for students and $30 for all non-students and staff, which will include a spot in the event limited to 1,000 participants, a Color Me RU bandana and sunglasses, and an after party with music, games, food, and festivities.

Second-year student Laura Chapas says that she is pleasantly surprised that admission to the event includes more than just a spot in the run.

“I feel like $20 is a reasonable price for the event considering all that it comes with,” Chapas said.

Some students say that the event motivates them to get active for the upcoming warm weather.

First-year student Chris Sims said the event is encouraging him to start getting back in the kind of shape he was in at the beginning of the school year.

“This Color Me RU run is going to help me get rid of this freshman fifteen,” Sims said.

With the event occurring just a week before finals, students are looking forward to have the opportunity to take their minds off of things.

Second-year student Carlie Davies says said she finds it hard to focus on anything except for finals once May comes around.

“I’m glad that the event is happening in May. It will definitely be a healthy way to relieve some stress,” Davies said.