New Brunswick Finds a Way to Get Rid of Pesky Potholes

by Dominique Ellison

The city of New Brunswick may have found a solution to ease its pothole issue, with a new app, MapplerK.

Recent snowstorms placed a toll on local roads causing water to seep and freeze beneath pavements and caused hundreds of potholes. Potholes are caused when water seeps into cracks and refreezes, creating larger fissures in the asphalt. The holes grow larger as traffic passes. New Brunswick is home to a very diverse population, ranging from senior citizens to college students. According to the city Department of Public Works website, potholes are a major concern and it is encouraging citizens to report any potholes in the area.

According to CBS New York, drivers around New Jersey and in the five boroughs of New York City can download MapplerK, which allows them to locate any potholes on a map. Anyone with an iPhone or an Android can download the app and map out any potholes that they come across as well as find out where other potholes are located in their area. The app idea came from New Brunswick mapping firm Vertices, which created a similar app during Hurricane Sandy to help people locate gas stations in their area.

Potholes not only result in flat tires and mechanical difficulties, but also can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians. According to the law offices of Michael Pines, potholes create traps for vehicles making it one of the top causes of vehicular accidents. The DPW fills potholes on a daily basis and, according to the city of New Brunswick’s blog, says that “this is the nature of the season.”

Furthermore, the New Jersey Department of Transportation also gave citizens the alternative of reporting potholes online at