Rutgers Students: Get Ready to Register for Classes

by Tia Magenheim

Many Rutgers students are unaware that they will be able to register for classes for the Fall 2014 semester on Sunday.

Sunday, March 30, at 11 p.m. marks the beginning of class registration for students with 100 credits or more. In the meantime, students should check online or meet with an advisor to discuss which date and time they should register for classes for the upcoming semester.Slide1

Even some students who will be completing their final semester were unaware of the upcoming registration.

“I’m graduating a year early and even I didn’t realize that class registration was approaching so soon,” said fourth-year student Briana Paparozzi.

Other students say that they were unaware about class registration because it begins not too long after spring break.

Second-year student Laura Chapas says that it takes a few days to get back to completely focusing on school after breaks.

“My mind is still focused on the Bahamas, not which classes I’ll be stressing over for next semester,” Chapas said.

In addition, many off-campus students say they are unaware that class registration is approaching because they have not been notified enough.

Second year student Brie Bulger said living off-campus makes it difficult to know about these important dates.

“If I’m not notified by email about a certain date then there’s a good chance I don’t know about it,” Bulger said.

Most first-year students were unaware of class registration approaching because they are not used to making their schedules yet.

First-year student Charlie Clark said the lack of experience of choosing classes on his own is a hardship he needs to overcome.

“I’m still trying to catch on to the responsibilities of a college student and I’m realizing I need to be more aware of these things,” Clark said.