Drivers who Use New Brunswick Parking Move to the Future


Drivers who use parking meters on a regular basis in New Brunswick will notice now that a quarter will give you 12 minutes instead of 15. It takes 10 quarters to get two hours when recently it only took eight.

The price for parking meters has increased from $1.00 to $1.25 in order to pay for new credit card meters a few of which can even be found on the streets of College Avenue at Rutgers University.

The meters of New Brunswick are being upgraded, going from credit card transactions to an app service. But upgrades are expensive.

“By bringing in new technology, you increase the cost,” New Brunswick Parking Authority Director Mitch Karon said. “We’re trying to make it easier and more convenient.”

Currently, drivers can use either coins or a credit card to pay for parking at a meter. It all depends on which meter is used. Using a credit card to pay for parking may be easier than counting coins, but it comes with the additional costs of credit card fees and installing new meters to replace the old ones. And the changes won’t stop at credit card meters.

Parkmobile is an online parking service that handles parking meters. It was introduced to the New Brunswick streets in October 2013, and according to NBPA Director of Operations Harry Delgado has been received very positively.

The way Parkmobile works is relatively simple, according to the video on the NBPA website. Users can create an account online and then download the app onto their phone. Currently, there are apps in place for the iPhone and Android mobile devices. Using the app, drivers can locate parking spots, referred to in the video as zones, and then scan the Parkmobile bar code that is on the meter. The user can then use the app to determine how long they will be parked, and pay for the transaction.

The app also alerts its users when their meter is 15 minutes away from expiring, giving them the choice of renewing their parking time from their phone, without having to return to the meter.

Delgado said Parkmobile has been in place for the last four months.

“Every month more and more customers opt for Parkmobile,” Delgado said over the phone. The system is used throughout the city, with every meter in each location having a number. Delgado said it’s also been applied to on-site parking, off-site parking, and the open lots in New Brunswick.


Parkmobile Iphone App tutorial


Parkmobile Android App tutorial